For the end of Spring Semester, we asked our students to submit a short essay about what the College of Nursing means to them. Our winner, Sara Schirripa, won an iPod Shuffle. Thank you to everybody who entered the contest!

What Does the College of Nursing Mean to Me?

By Sara Schirripa

Photo of Sara SchirripaAs I look forward to my senior year, I reflect on how far I have come and what exactly the College of Nursing has meant to me. The College of Nursing is synonymous to a mother.  From day one, the College of Nursing has been a source of guidance, comfort, and support to all frightened and nervous incoming freshman.

Like a mother, the College of Nursing sets goals and continues to motivate and push her children to excellence, or this case the hundreds of nursing students that pass through her doors. As clinicals begin and her children grow, the College of Nursing is always there to pick her children up when they fall and to be constant reminder of why they chose this path.

This year, my junior year, the College of Nursing has continued to train and prepare me for my future as a nurse. Like a mother watching her children grow, the College of Nursing provides her students with more responsibility and opportunities to establish their independence.

With senior year approaching, the College of Nursing stands back as a proud mother to watch her children grow and flourish, each one carrying a little piece of her as they go out into the world. The compassion and care that the College of Nursing has engrained in every student runs deep in our veins.

The College of Nursing can now stand back and be proud of the children she has raised. Though her children will grow and spread their wings, the College of Nursing will always be waiting with open arms to welcome her children back again.