Photo of Kelli HansenIn Detroit, one of the most difficult aspects about finding a career after college can be battling through the frustrating requirements of would-be employers, such as needing “real world experience.”

In southeast Michigan, though the economy is booming and jobs are returning, Detroiters cannot fill these open opportunities when employers demand experience as a requirement for hire. It’s a double-edged sword that often paralyzes job candidates into a kind of limbo.

Kelli Hansen BSN, RN, CMCN, LNC graduated with a bachelor of science in nursing from Kent State University in Ohio in 1997. She went on to pursue additional certifications such as a certification in managed care nursing and certificates in patient advocacy and legal nurse consulting.

Kelli experienced firsthand how difficult a job search can be without the required experience sought by employers, yet she succeeded. Kelli is also the chief nursing officer and founder of Advocate Nurses, LLC.

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