Faculty member Melissa Dyer recently won a victory over her battle with a brain tumor. Here is the heartfelt letter she sent out to the faculty at the College of Nursing.

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to send a note of gratitude for all of your love, kindness, support, and prayers throughout my unexpected journey with a brain tumor. It has been six months today that I received my brain tumor diagnosis. I am finding purpose through this experience and haven’t let brain surgery stop me! Teaching our future nurses and working with my colleagues is part of that purpose.

I am also sharing my story to share my gratitude, increase awareness, and make my story (and the story of others with brain tumors “real”). Finding strength, bravery, and courage that I never knew I had has been a gift.

Here is the link to my video on Youtube:

I have also lobbied in D.C. and will present testimony at the state level for those who don’t or can’t have a voice. I will continue to advocate for this cause.

My next feat will be running a 5K for the American Brain Tumor Association to raise money for research, patient education, and awareness. Running is new to me. However, this is a great start to improving my health- especially because of my diagnosis. I am now down to an average of 8.30 minute mile when I run 5 miles (impressive considering I have never run a mile in my life!). http://hope.abta.org/site/PageNavigator/BT4BT_2013_bt5k_splash.html

Again, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all that the College of Nursing has done for me. I can say that this experience was the most frightening experience in my life- but, I never felt alone… thanks to my wonderful colleagues.

I appreciate and love you all!
Melissa Dyer