Forbes released an article today with the Top 10 Most In-Demand Career Specialties In Health Care.

See how Kent State’s College of Nursing is meeting the demand for these specialties.

10. Nurse Practitioner

According to Forbes, advanced degree nurses are the 10th most in-demand healthcare professionals, especially Primary Care NP’s. We offer 6 nurse practitioner specialties, including Primary Care and many of the other specialties on this list, at both the Master’s level and Doctoral level. For more information about our nurse practitioner programs and how you can advance your nursing career, click here.

7. Ob/Gyn

Ranked 7th most in-demand specialty, those who are interested in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology may want to check out our Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program. Women’s Health NP’s work closely with physicians to diagnose and treat women’s issues, and our graduates are prepared to give broad, comprehensive care to women of all ages. This program offers customized full- and part-time program plan options, mentorship from active research faculty, high-quality clinical and theoretical preparation, excellence clinical sites in a wide variety of urban and rural settings and many online course offerings. To learn more about an advanced practice degree in Women’s Health at Kent State, click here.

6. Pediatrics

Are you interested in children’s healthcare? Pediatrics is the 6th most in-demand specialty in healthcare, according to Forbes. Kent State’s Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program prepares graduates to serve children and provide individualized and culturally competent care. At Kent State, our faculty are nationally certified PNP’s with over 30 years of experience. Students receive individualized mentoring from these practicing nursing professionals. The program is accredited by both the ANCC and PNCB. Best of all, 96% of our graduates pass the national certification exam! For more information about the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at Kent State, click here.

5. Emergency Medicine

The demand for Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioners is growing as record numbers of Baby Boomers reach retirement age. Ranked 5th on this Forbes list, practitioners who are prepared in adult gerontology and acute emergency care settings are in high demand. Graduates of our Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program are prepared to work in not only the hospital setting, but also in the home, ambulatory care, urgent care, and rehabilitative care settings. To learn more about the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program at Kent State, click here.

4. Psychiatry

Psychiatric healthcare professionals are the 4th most in-demand healthcare professionals, according to Forbes. Our Psychiatric Mental Health Family Nurse Practitioner program prepares graduates to administer advanced psychiatric mental health nursing care to individuals across their life span. Many of our nursing graduates go on to careers in Community Mental Health Centers, patient-centered nursing homes, private practice, and primary care settings. For more information about the Psychatric Mental Health Family Nurse Practitioner program at Kent State, click here.

1. Family Medicine

The #1 in-demand healthcare specialty, according to Forbes, is in family medicine. Our Family Nurse Practitioner program prepares graduates to care for patients of all ages, and is known for its intellectual rigor and clinical quality. Graduates of this program typically are employed in primary care offices including family practice, internal medicine, managed care offices, ER’s, clinics, long-term care facilities, academic settings, and occupational health settings. Since 2007, Kent State’s Family Nurse Practitioner program has had a 100% student pass rate on national certification exams, and offers faculty mentorship and advising, part-time plans of study, clinical experiences in a variety settings, and many online course offerings. Graduates will be eligible to obtain ANCC certification or AANP certification upon graduation. To learn more about the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Kent State, click here.

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