Kent State nursing and public health students are making the most out of their study abroad trip to Geneva. Over the past two weeks, they have visited the World Health Assembly, Ecumenical Center, and the U.S. Mission.

Visit to the Ecumenical Center in Geneva

One stop for our students was the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Center in Geneva.  Their visit was featured in two news stories.

Story 1 – On May 21, they sat in a consultation titled “The future of faith-based health care provision,” which focused on the role Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) play in healthcare.

WCC consultation looks at the future of faith-based health care provision

Global health and religious leaders meeting at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva have noted the essential role Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) play in providing health services…

Also attending, along with international health experts, was a group of students from the department of nursing and public health at Kent State University in the United States.

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Story 2 – This story features our students and the relationship between Kent State University and the World Council of Churches.

US university health students learn from yearly WCC visit

Students who visit the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva are often from theological or similarly Bible-related sections of educational institutions, but not always….
This year Kent State University brought 10 nursing students and 10 from the public health department to attend the WHA, visiting international organizations and NGOs.
Kent State University is a key provider of health care professionals in the state of Ohio and beyond…
The students heard how FBOs play a key role in global health, especially in developing nations. Their visit to Geneva counts towards their degree programmes.
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Visit to U.S. Mission (Embassy) Geneva

The students also visited the Mission of the United States (Embassy) in Geneva on May 27. Here is a Facebook album:

A group of Kent State University visited the U.S. Mission on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. The group is in Geneva on a…

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