The Global Health Immersion: Geneva, Switzerland Summer Intersession course has come to a close with our return home on Saturday May 30th. For many of the students, this was their first time experience traveling outside of the United States.

It was a wonderful two weeks filled with numerous eye opening experiences that made us realize how truly small the world really is and how fortunate we are to having access to health care.

Here’s what some of the students who took part in this trip have to say:

“Geneva was nothing what I expected, it was better! It was sad to leave but I’ll always have the experiences with me.”
Rachael McClain, Senior, Nursing

“I’m a bit sad to leave Geneva because it was so beautiful everywhere you went, and I won’t get to use my basic, mediocre french skills anymore! I was not sure what to expect before coming, but it was a wonderful experience, both professionally and as a tourist..”
Emma Dames, Graduate Student, Public Health

“Geneva was great… I enjoyed the program and loved attending the World Health Assembly (WHA) and other briefings. It is sad to leave.. “
Heather Mikulski, Graduate Student, Public Health

“So my experience with this course was very great! I learned so much and truly am motivated and inspired to go home and get involved and I just feel so ready to start out in the world with my future career as a nurse. The opportunities are endless and I am beyond ecstatic to see where my career takes me.”
Erica Eckard, Senior, Nursing

“During the meetings this week, in particular the International Council of Nurses, I learned how to work my way up to working at the International level.I plan on joining students for professional nursing and then the American Nurses Association, and begin trying to get on committees and hopefully end up working with the ICN. The biggest thing I have learned is to take and seek out opportunities.” 
Elan Caruso, Senior, Nursing

“Overall I had a wonderful experience during this Global Health Immersion trip over the past two  weeks. I feel that I have not only grown as an individual but I have grown intellectually as well as in terms of my future career as a nurse. I have been exposed to a variety of cultures, taught the importance of interprofessional collaboration, and educated on prevalent health issues occurring throughout the world. I have met dozens of highly educated people who have provided me with insight on various topics.”
Oriana Suglia, Senior, Nursing