Summer 2017 provided a new study abroad experience for Kent State University students pursuing careers in nursing, public health, medicine, pharmacy, or any related field, to study healthcare through an international lens at the Kent State University Florence Health Institute. Located in the heart of Florence, Italy, classes are held in Palazzo Vettori, a prestigious 15th century building. Students were housed in fully furnished apartments throughout the city, which provided a fully immersive cultural experience. Each apartment housed two to eight students.


Students took a total of seven (7) credits, offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, during their month-long stay in Florence. Classes met Monday – Thursday, which provided students with the opportunity to visit other destinations in Europe during the three-day weekends.


Applications are currently being accepted for the summer 2018 experience. To learn more about the Florence Health Institute or to submit an application, please click here.


 Student Testimonials:

This program allowed us to learn about the universal healthcare system in Italy. We toured hospitals, local pharmacies and had Italian physicians as guest speakers in class. We were all in healthcare so it was interesting to see everyone’s views on health-related topics and to see how our different backgrounds came together to figure out was best for a patient. The class schedule was very beneficial as it allowed us time to explore not only Florence, but other cities on the weekends. Since there were only 7 of us, we all became very close.  I now share great memories with of exploring Italy with friends I’ll have for a lifetime.

Megan Stocker



I loved every minute of being in Florence and learning about what I love to do in a different country. Exploring Florence during class was a really big plus because we got to incorporate class time with learning about the city and its history. Being able to live in the city and walk to class past the Duomo everyday was incredible. Just being in a city older than America itself and full of so much history, was truly an enriching experience. Learning about another culture and how life works differently around the world opened up my eyes to see that there is more out there than just America and the ways we do things. Overall this has been THE BEST experience I have had yet in college. I will always remember the things I learned here and how it made me think more about what I want to do in the future. My eyes were opened to new and different paths that might be available in my future. I wish I could go back right now and be there again it was that great. Best investment I have made to this day.

Elizabetta Deblasio

Biology (Pre-Med)


The study abroad experience is something I would have regretted not doing. It provided a different outlook on life, the healthcare field, and helped improve maturity and confidence.

Arty Yesinovskiy

Biology (Pre-Med)