Amanda Hutchison

Interested in science, medicine and helping others, Amanda Hutchison, BA, RN, explored various career paths before discovering nursing blended her passions into an occupation with endless opportunities for professional and academic growth. A practicing full-time registered nurse in the emergency department at Akron Children’s Hospital, Hutchison is set to graduate from Kent State University College of Nursing’s 100% online RN-to-BSN program in December 2020. “Kent State’s RN-BSN program is respected, reputable, and known for developing well-equipped nurses,” she said. “After communicating with an academic advisor, I was confident Kent State’s RN-BSN program would build on my previously learned knowledge and enhance my current nursing practice.”

When asked what inspired her to seek out an RN-to-BSN program, Hutchison stated most healthcare institutions now require a Bachelor of Nursing degree for career advancement. Earning her BSN is also the first step for Hutchison to reach her ultimate goal of obtaining her Master of Science in Nursing degree and further deepening her understanding of the nursing field.

A number of factors led Hutchison to choose Kent State. “Kent State’s RN-to-BSN program was highly recommended to me by my coworkers. Additionally, it had a fully online option and the program allowed me to take courses at my own pace,” she explained. “The university is also close to where I live, and I value having easy accessibility to campus resources.”

At first, Hutchison found it difficult to balance work, school and her personal time. She discovered establishing a set routine and sticking with it gave her the foundation she needed for success. Throughout her program, Hutchison has enjoyed interacting and learning with her classmates, whom she described as a diverse group of nurses. “I value the knowledge, wisdom and perspectives of all my peers. The lessons I have learned in the RN-to-BSN program will be applied daily in my practice.”

Hutchison recommended nurses interested in applying for an RN-to-BSN program first decide which educational format will best set them up for success, on campus or online learning. She went on to encourage nurses choose a program that offers flexibility and a pace that feels manageable with life’s other responsibilities. Lastly, she wanted to remind nurses to review their employer’s tuition reimbursement options and ensure previously taken courses transfer over to their selected university and program.    “Kent State University College of Nursing’s 100% online RN-BSN program offers student’s the opportunity to improve their current nursing practice both professionally and clinically. The nursing faculty are genuinely interested, invested and engaged in the educational experience of their students,” exclaimed Hutchison. “I’m thankful for the knowledge I gained in this program and highly recommend Kent State College of Nursing.”

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