I feel very fortunate to represent Kent State University as a graduate of the doctoral program in the College of Nursing. Throughout my career in nursing, I have taken advantage of all the professional opportunities that nursing has to offer. As an advanced practice nurse, I sought an institution that would help me bring all my personal and professional experiences together in developing a program of research that I could be proud of contributing to the science. The College of Nursing at Kent State University is defined by dedicated professors who play a major role in expanding and evolving nursing science. They do so not only by conducting research but also by mentoring future leaders of the nursing profession. Their guidance and support are framed by a program built around respect for others and awareness that as life learners, we balance our careers through work and family. As a result of my experience at Kent State, I feel confident that I will continue my post-graduate research investigating nursing history and creating media that tells the story of our founders.

“Me siento orgulloso de ser un Golden Flash y me siento honorado de ser parte de su comunidad academica y de enfermeria. Flashes para siempre.”

English version: “I am proud to be a Golden Flash and honored to be a part of your academic and nursing community. Flashes forever.”

Juan Del Valle, Ph.D. ’20, CRNA

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To learn more about Kent State University College of Nursing’s Ph.D. in Nursing program, visit http://nursing.kent.edu/lifechanger.