Time to Pack!

Thanks to my husband who loves exploring and to my daughter, who is a competitive dancer, I travel around the states and Canada a lot. But I haven’t been overseas in a loooooooong time. So I visited a few sites to help me prep. Rick Steve’s London Guide was a good place to start. Its focus is on tourism, but there is still a lot of great info there. 

Even though we are not planning on any major hiking, my FAVORITE site for expert packing advice comes from REI. I followed all advice except skipping toiletries. I’m not super fancy or high maintenance, but my skin disagrees with this statement.

Flight status: on time

Next step – check-in. I recommend, even for domestic travel, to check in to your flight as soon as you are able. My flight leaves tonight at 6:39, I checked in yesterday at 6:40! My boarding pass is already in my apple wallet. It will make life so much easier. 

I arrived at CLE pretty early and breezed through security, so now I have a pretty long wait.

I started writing this at 6:45 am. So I had a decent amount of time open to straighten the house a bit, play with the pups and finish my planning. I have the itinerary completed for the students, but all my evenings are currently open!

So I need to decide between the following for my free evenings:

Phantom of the Opera – this was my first favorite Broadway show, but I’ve only ever heard the Sarah Brightman version…

Les Miserables – also a favorite. And I feel like I need to see it in person to erase Russel Crowe’s Inspector performance from my brain.

The Book of Mormon – I love South Park. So inappropriate, but so much fun. 

and finally, Hamilton. I’ve seen this in the theater a few times, but it’s a favorite. 

Which one would you see? 

I can’t wait to get this long flight out of the way and explore Regent’s Park before taking a much-needed nap.