My name is Lydia Tadda and I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kent State University in May 2022. Today, I am a Labor and Delivery nurse at Galion Avita Health System. My responsibilities consist of labor and delivery, antepartum, postpartum, and newborn care.

Prior to starting my nursing education, I wanted to be a pediatric nurse at Nationwide Children’s in Columbus. I always knew I wanted to work with babies and kids. My brother was in and out of Nationwide Children’s my whole childhood and I saw how great their nurses were and I wanted to become a nurse who changed a child and parents’ life for the better. During my Obstetrics rotation, however, my career path changed, and I realized OB was where I was meant to be.

In OB, I loved the idea of helping a laboring mom, assisting with her delivery, taking care of her and her newborn and educating her about breastfeeding. I knew upon graduation I was only going to apply for Labor and Delivery jobs because I was so passionate about this area of nursing. When deciding which job offer to accept, I chose the one where I could be involved in all different areas. Right now, I am learning antepartum care, assisting in deliveries and c-sections, performing newborn care and resuscitation if needed, and following my patient through their postpartum days. I work in a smaller facility, so our resources are limited, but it allows me to perform more hands-on care. My job is very rewarding, even on the sad and hard days. I love being part of the story of many women’s deliveries.

Kent State University College of Nursing prepared me for my current success by providing a strong foundation of knowledge needed to become an exceptional nurse. I had many opportunities to acquire knowledge as well as learn and practice essential skills throughout my nursing courses. My professors were intelligent and skilled with a wide array of nursing backgrounds.  That allowed them to be personal and provide exceptional learning environments.

Kent State’s partnerships with various healthcare facilities in northeast Ohio allowed me and my fellow nursing students to complete our clinical rotations in diverse settings. In addition to basic nursing knowledge, I learned how to be a professional. Kent State emphasized the importance of ethics, honesty, and reliance, lessons I use every day in my practice. My reputation as a nurse is very important, not only because I am representing myself, but the facility as well. I am thankful for the challenges I faced and overcame as a student which provided me with the confidence I needed as I entered my first nursing job.

Having grown up in a small town about two hours away from Kent State, upon graduation, I applied for jobs closer to my hometown as I wanted to be near family.  Plus, I was already familiar with the healthcare facility that hired me. Although I did not seek any opportunities from the College of Nursing’s career fairs, those events and the facilities represented allow students to learn about different organizations and speak with recruiters about open positions. I would advise current students to apply to all jobs and facilities that interest them. As a new grad, chase after your dreams! If you find a new area of nursing you are passionate about, apply there, you won’t regret it.

I cannot say enough great things about Kent State. Attending this university has changed my life in so many amazing ways. I was involved in Greek life, which made the university feel smaller and more personable. The friendships I gained at Kent State are friendships I will forever cherish. My time at Kent State helped me discover who I was and who I was meant to be.

My favorite nursing student memories are of study-sessions with friends. I am thankful that I met my friend group on my first day of freshman year. To this day, we are inseparable. We studied for every exam and final together. The College of Nursing curriculum is not easy, but with the right people by your side, the program can be the best years of your life.

My final pieces of advice:

  1. Find your people – you will need them more than you know.
  2. Go out of your comfort zone. Join clubs and organizations that interest you; you never know the opportunities you’ll have and the friendships you will gain.
  3. Never be afraid to ask for help. The nursing program is tough. Asking questions, even in a large lecture, because half the time everyone else wants to ask the same question.
  4. Attend tutoring sessions; they are so beneficial and helpful.
  5. Study hard and work hard to be successful in the nursing program, but don’t forget to have fun. You only get your undergraduate college experience once.
  6. The architecture building at night is the BEST place to study!
  7. The nursing program has the best professors who will always be there to help you succeed.
  8. Apply for any job that interests you upon graduation and always chase your dreams.
  9. Lastly, make the most of your time at Kent State. You will be so proud of yourself when you walk across the stage to receive the degree you worked so hard to earn.

Kent State will forever be home to me, and I hope each of you finds your purpose at Kent State as well. Flashes Forever!


  • Lydia Tadda

    Lydia received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kent State University in May 2022. Following graduation, she accepted a position as a Labor and Delivery nurse.