Caleb Faust, a senior in Kent State University College of Nursing’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, was drawn to the profession of nursing because of the direct impact he would have on others’ lives, in addition to the career advancement opportunities. Upon his graduation in May 2024, Faust plans to return to Columbus, Ohio, where he would like to work in the Emergency Department (ED) or an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“Obtaining my BSN was important to me in order to learn about all the aspects of nursing, not just the technical components,” explained Faust. “It is providing a strong foundation so I will be able to effectively problem solve and communicate with other healthcare providers, the patients and their loved ones.”

The opportunity to participate in faculty research projects and learn in smaller class sizes made Kent State’s BSN program more desirable to Faust compared to the other schools he was considering. As an Honor’s College student, Faust learned about the fantastic mentors and academic ventures available. His decision was also made based on the reputation that preceded the nursing program, as well as its affordability.

“I most enjoy the hands-on aspect of the program and the innovative learning opportunities. The college works closely with other university departments to provide real-world scenarios, such as having student actors assist during specific simulation experiences,” shared Faust. “However, my favorite nursing school moment so far has been the opportunity to assist with a birth during my OB rotation. It was surreal and something I never expected I would get to take part in.”

According to Faust, the most important lesson he has learned thus far in his BSN program is to not be afraid to ask questions.

“If you are unsure after getting information based on someone else’s assessment, confirm the information by doing your own assessment of the patient,” cautioned Faust. “Being hands on as a nurse is invaluable and pertinent to protecting both yourself and the patient.”

While maintaining a full course load, Faust also manages his lawn care business. He returns home each week during the academic year to mow roughly fifty yards, in addition to keeping up with the other responsibilities associated with managing a business.

“Staying organized has been the biggest help for me to be successful in the nursing program. I organize my assignments at the start of the semester and create a plan for the next day the night before. This schedule is both effective and efficient,” said Faust. “Incorporating organizational methods in my daily routine reduces my stress and allows me to be more successful in the long run as I balance both work and student life.”

Outside of school and work, Faust knew he needed an outlet to destress and have fun. He was a member of the men’s club volleyball team for a semester and has since continued to be involved with intramural and community athletic teams.

“Finding a little bit of time for myself between studies sets me up for success better than constantly studying around the clock,” he added.

Faust was recently inducted as a member of Sigma, Delta Xi Chapter, an international honor society of nurses, and Phi Beta Kappa Society, America’s most prestigious academic honor society which recognizes a student’s exceptional achievements in the liberal arts and sciences.

“I was very surprised. After reading about these organizations, I was overjoyed and humbled to learn I had been selected to become a member,” shared Faust. “It was a great feeling to be acknowledged for the hard work I have dedicated towards my education and future nursing career.”

Throughout his years at Kent State University College of Nursing, Faust has discovered that he is more resilient than he previously believed. He has set personal goals and continues to achieve them. It is the persistence and dedication Faust is learning now that he says will prepare him to advocate on his patient’s behalf and embrace any nursing obstacles he may face in the future.

To those individuals who dream of one day being a nurse, Faust encourages them to go for it wholeheartedly.

“Nursing is a highly respected profession that offers an incredible amount of career mobility and helps to foster a sense of self. Kent State’s BSN program is hard work but very doable when you prioritize your education and set aside dedicated time for the other things that are important to you,” emphasized Faust. “Kent State College of Nursing is composed of fantastic faculty members who want you to succeed. The program is designed to help to build your confidence and knowledge to ensure your success as a nursing professional.”

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