Two-time alumnus, Andrew Snyder, RN-to-BSN academic advisor, takes pride in helping students achieve their goals. “There is no ‘one right path’ for everybody to become a nurse, and I try to help each of my students understand that.” He primarily advises students in the 100% online RN-to-BSN program, which is designed for diploma and associate degree nurses to complete their BSN. Since it is an online program, Andrew has the opportunity to work with students from around the country. “Most of my advising appointments are by telephone or skype. I have worked with students from 13 different states including Hawaii, California, Florida, and the Virgin Islands.”

Every fall semester he works with 35 traditional freshman nursing students as they transition to Kent and prepare to apply to the professional nursing sequence. Additionally, Andrew also works with regional campus associate degree nursing students preparing to complete the RN-to-BSN program after they graduate with their ADN. “Each type of student with whom I work through our nursing programs is different and it is incredible to see the different types of nursing students overcome their unique obstacles and achieve their goals.”

Andrew became an Academic Advisor in the College of Nursing in 2015, but he was no stranger to Henderson Hall, having begun his journey with the College of Nursing as a pre-nursing student in the fall of 2009. After completing the traditional nursing program and graduating in 2014, Andrew elected to further his education with a Master’s in Public Health, concentrating in Health Policy and Management. He returned to Henderson Hall as a Graduate Assistant for the RN-to-BSN program while completing his first few semesters of grad school. He graduated with his Master’s degree in 2017.

As a freshman and sophomore student, Andrew lived in Leebrick Hall. Reflecting back, he fondly remembers walking on the portage trail toward the Stadium at night and sitting at the pond behind what is now the University Edge. “This was always a place I could go to unwind, think clearly and just take in the natural beauty and stars after a long day of lecture, lab and homework.” Andrew says he spent a lot of time at the pond as a pre-nursing student, and encourages all of his students, both those living on or off campus, to have a special place where they can go to clear their minds and think.

Through his work as an advisor, Andrew loves knowing that he is helping and inspiring students to understand their options as they move toward their goals. “College is full of experiences – sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail – it’s what you do with your successes and failures that determines your future. I try to draw on my own experiences and place myself in each of my students’ shoes as I help them to identify and achieve their goals.”

Although he is no longer a student in the classroom, Andrew says he continues to learn something new every day. “The peers, coworkers, and mentors this College has built around me over the years have shaped who I am both personally and professionally.  Our faculty and staff truly care for our students and each other and it definitely shows. I am so grateful for my experiences in the College of Nursing at Kent State University.”