Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Kent State University College of Nursing senior Chukwuemeka (Emeka) Chukwukere relocated to Cleveland, OH, when he was eight years old. Growing up he was inspired to go into the healthcare field by his parents who are licensed practical nurses. A desire to attend the same university as his best friend brought Chukwukere to Kent State University, where he learned about the College of Nursing’s renowned programs. He will graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in May 2025.

Obtaining his bachelor’s degree is important to Chukwukere because it will allow him to follow in the footsteps of his family members.

“I want to continue the legacy my older sister set for her younger siblings to attend and graduate from college,” said Chukwukere. “Both of my parents are now also in accelerated programs to earn their degrees, too.”

Noticing the increased strain on his parents’ ability to support the family while completing their accelerated programs, Chukwukere sought employment opportunities to help provide financially for his family. Hired by Akron General Hospital as a nurse technician during the fall 2023 semester, he works on the orthopedics floor, with the opportunity to float to different units occasionally. Chukwukere enjoys seeing different aspects of the nursing profession through these experiences and is using this time to figure out which nursing specialties’ he prefers over others. In addition to working in the hospital, Chukwukere is also a resident assistant on campus.

“Balancing work and school can be challenging, but I always prioritize my education,” said Chukwukere. “Occasionally I must sacrifice time with my friends because I work hard to stay ahead on my assignments and studying. The dedication to my schoolwork has been worth it, though.”

Throughout his BSN program, Chukwukere has discovered a mental toughness he didn’t realize he possessed. Chukwukere explained that when he faces challenging situations now, he reminds himself that with grit and determination, he is thriving as a nursing student. He has experienced an increased sense of personal accomplishment and tenacity. 

When it comes to his method of studying, Chukwukere describes his daily practice as ‘leaving no stone unturned.’

“I look over everything at least three times before an exam. I study the main concepts until I have a strong grasp, then I turn my focus to the minor concepts. Repetition and consistency can’t be emphasized enough,” said Chukwukere. “With so much content, it’s easy to forget previously learned information. That’s why maintaining vigilance in my studying habit is essential.”

One of Chukwukere’s favorite things about the BSN program is seeing the passion his professors and clinical instructors have not only for the nursing profession itself, but also in sharing their life lessons with students. He encourages future nursing students to build their own personal relationships with the faculty and clinical instructors. 

“Reach out to your professors and instructors often. These individuals have been through many of the situations you’ll experience one day, and they have so much knowledge and experience to share with you,” said Chukwukere. “They are taking the time to ensure we are properly trained to become competent and confident leaders in the nursing field. They’ve helped me out in so many ways already. I feel well-prepared to step into the nursing role soon.”

Following graduation in spring 2025, Chukwukere hopes to pursue a career in traveling nursing, preferably on a med-surge unit.  

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